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Chicken Parmigiana

As a product developer, I attempt wherever possible to incorporate as many vegetables and fruits into the products and recipes I create in order to give the consumer their essential 5-a-Day.  Whether these essential fruits and veggies are cooked, blended together and hidden in the dish or whether they feature prominently, the idea is to get as many people onto the healthier-eating bandwagon as possible and away from high fat, high sodium and high carbohydrate fast food alternatives.  This recipe for chicken Parmigiana with grilled vegetables is a great alternative.

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Vintage GHK

Upon hearing the words ‘Good Housekeeping’, most of us fondly recall the vintage magazine covers of this iconic American women’s magazine.  We remember the plethora of helpful beauty, fashion, cooking, gardening, health and home tips in each issue we could get our hands on.  Good Housekeeping was always a favourite magazine of my aunts, and I recall leafing through their copies at the tender age of 8, enamoured by all the pretty models and the delicious food inside.

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My friend Kamini recently migrated up to Johannesburg and since I used to live there, I promised her a list of foodie gems to check out.  I began by drafting Kamini an email, and then stopped…  What if I posted the list here for everyone?  Sharing is caring, right?  If you have a favourite that’s not listed, post it to the comments section with a little blurb as to why it touched you in your special place.

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My favourite pasta


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prawn spaghettini

A few years ago I spent the summer in the Mediterranean as a private chef.  I trawled the supermarket aisles of Cannes, Rome and Parma.  I lost my head (and my heart) in the fresh produce markets of Antibes and Zadar. I sought out the local boulangeries in St. Jean Cap Ferrat and Santa Margherita by checking out who was carrying what under their arms, and what direction they had come from.  I was completely immersed in food, traveling around countries drenched in food culture.

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