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Primitiv Vodka - Francois Pistorius Photography

Jorgensen’s Distillery is a name you might have heard before.  Known for their organic spelt vodka, Savingnac brandy made from Chenin grapes grown in their backyard, a gorgeous Limoncello made from the neighbours organic lemons and a Macedonian juniper berry and exotic Grains of Paradise-spiced gin, this is one craft distillery doing things differently. Roger Jorgensen, Master Distiller, has a few new products simmering in his stills and gave me some insight into what we will be seeing from Jorgensen’s Distillery in the coming months.

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Tequila bottles

El Burro in is one of those establishments that offer equally adventurous food and drink.  The menu is varied and doesn’t fill the cheesy Tex-Mex quota that many establishments claiming ‘authentic Mexican cuisine’ do.  Their well-researched recipes are all made from scratch, ensuring the freshest, tastiest Mexican food around.

I visited El Burro recently to learn more about the impressive collection of tequila they are so proud of.  Managing partner, Nic Haarhof took me through their tequila menu and regaled colorful stories of his recent trip to Mexico.

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Chef Privé on RSG


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lemon, thyme & parmesan risotto stuffed peppers

A few days ago, Nina Timm of the lovely My Easy Cooking blog got in touch with me and told me that this little blog and one of my recipes would be featured on her regular radio spot on RSG.  Imagine my surprise and delight? Thanks Nina.

I like recipes that are easy to prepare and versatile, and this one for lemon, thyme & Parmesan risotto stuffed baby peppers is no different.  It works just as well as a starter as it does as an accompaniment to a main course.  It is lacto-vegan and can easily become completely vegan if you remove the Parmesan cheese & substitute the butter for olive oil.

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The bakery at dusk

Word spread a while ago about a pizza evening at Jason Bakery after a rather raucous but successful birthday party held there for one young David Cope.  Pizzas were the order of the day and received such rave reviews from Dave’s guests that Jason decided to stay open a bit later one evening and make a few pizzas, serve a few beers and talk a bit of nonsense with his local clientele.

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