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Part of my job in product development is to research different packaging options.  In a world where the food we eat is a lot more processed that it was 20 years ago, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that our food is packaged responsibly, so that our individual & collective contributions to landfills are significantly reduced.  Equally, we are bombarded by advertisements on television,  the internet, in magazines and other publications, and thus dynamism in packaging design becomes vital if you want your brand and product to stand out amongst the competition.

Here are 5 food packaging design innovations I came across recently on Packaging of the World:


We live such fast-paced lives, and are always on the look-out for quick, easy to prepare meal solutions.  Scratch is a British company that provides options where you still have to do a bit of cooking, but unlike a lot of other prepared meals out there, the packaging is minimal.

Check out this gorgeous packaging by Babees Honey.  The jar was treated as a playground by the designers, and I think they really did a fantastic job.  A clear example of simple, clean design.  Makes me think of AA Milne and my childhood adventures in Winnie The Pooh-land.


“Dyrøy Foods is a small meat producer in the picturesque district of Dyrøy, Northern Norway. They believe in a honest approach, the quality of traditional food, and the social and cultural aspects of The Good Meal. They have high quality products, but needed the packaging that could make them stand out as clear and different.

Solution: The hexagon shaped box is custom made, and stands out in the stores because of it´s characteristic shape, and it´s emphasis on the product inside. The package is kept in 100% recyclable brown cardboard, supporting the honest and sober impression. The hexagon is easily stacked both in production, transportation and on shelves.”

This isn’t a particularly new packaging innovation, but it’s dynamic & responsible nonetheless.  In 2008, Sainsbury’s in the UK launched a compostible bag for their salad leaves.  Today 90% of Sainsbury’s organic fresh produce is available in compostable, recycled or recyclable packaging.  ”Amcor’s NaturePlus compostable film helps us to meet our customers needs and our sustainability goals without compromising on shelf life and seal performance requirements,” Sainbury’s packaging manager said.



Single serve packs of butter are ideal for picnics, but do you always remember to take the right cutlery with you?  This is a really great design innovation for those opportunities when you’re stuck with bread and a stick of butter & no way to spread it!

Designed by Yeongkeun, South Korea.


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