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Once upon a time, there was a Princess who was approached by a charming man from a wonderful food establishment called NoMU.  After a fair amount of wooing, the Princess eventually agreed to reveal her identity and signed up to become February’s Valentine pin-up.

Princess Jacalini has her Valentine, do you?

Getting all glammed up and  donning long satin gloves on one of the hottest days of the summer was for a good cause, my darlings.  I did it for you.  All that champagne I drank was for you.  If you will allow me, I’d like to shower a rather large quantity of fabulous delights upon you.  That which would be fit for a King or Queen.  Here’s how:

The poster is currently on view at 2 locations in South Africa:  Service Station in Melville, Johannesburg and at Club Engen on Orange St. in Gardens, Cape Town.  All you need to do is sashay down to one of these locations with some fun, romantic props – maybe some roses (I like chocolates too) – and take a picture of yourself in front of the poster.  Show me some love.  Make me laugh.  Make me blush.  Don’t hold back.  Email your snapshots of love to me at editor@chefprive.co.za

If I’m enamoured enough, I’ll reward you by lavishing all of this awesomery on you:

  • 1 night for 2 in a luxury 2oceansvibe villa in Camps Bay with a 6 course dinner prepared by your very own personal chef – Do yourself a favour and click on that there link.  You will plutz, doll.

  • A chauffeur drive in a Lexus to The Roundhouse for an exclusive wine tasting with Under The Influence

  • A case of very unique first varietal wines from Under The Influence

  • A personalized spa treatment at Soma Studio, on the Highlands Country House estate – This is where I go to unwind & recharge, it is pure nirvana.  No, really.

  • A big box of heavenly confectionary from Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent

  • A case of Everson’s handcrafted cider - This is real cider.  Forget everything else.

  • A heart-shaped Le Creuset pot – because I want you to create gourmet delights for your Valentine, and doing it in Le Creuset is the only way how.

Stop drooling my darlings, it’s going to be okay. We’ve also established an online entry system, so those of you that are jet-setting around the globe and can’t get to either location, fear not.  Your glamorous needs have been catered for as well.  You just need to get yourself to Cape Town to collect your prizes, okay?

Should I also mention that there will be a bonus prize of Primitiv Vodka?  Yes kittens, it actually does get better.  Keep an eye out throughout February for clues on how this prize can be nabbed.

So follow me on Twitter and mail in your pics with NoMU competition in the subject line.  The competition runs until the 28th February so your time is limited, love birds.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

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