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Happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday, darlings!

Did you all spend too much money on lots of cheesy, ‘romantic’ things?  You did?  Shameful.  You could have done what this lovely chap did, and not spent a cent at all:

This cool cucumber has his head screwed on the right way, because he is in the running to win our NoMU pin  up competition, and he didn’t have to spend heaps of money on commercial mumbo-jumbo for his Valentine.  As I’ve been saying for a while now, the prizes are nuts.  Truly.  Let’s break it all down, in case you think I’m having you on.

You  & your ladyfriend/manthing WILL stay in this 2oceansvibe villa in Camps Bay:

This is how Seth Rotheram rolls.  It’s how Princesses roll. You will be rolling in a similar fashion, and you will like it.  Oh, and did I mention you WILL have a personal chef on hand to prepare a 6-course meal for you and your favourite favourite?



This alone would be more than enough to get me going, but there is actually so much more:

An exclusive wine tasting with the very debonair & knowledgeable Allister Kreft from Under The Influence. You will be collected from your home & chauffeur-driven in the latest and most fabulous Lexus to The Roundhouse, where Allister will engage you on all things wine.  You’ll also be going home with a case of Under The Influence’s first varietal wines – a selection of very exclusive boutique vineyards are featured, and by the end of it all if you don’t know your Syrah from your Gewürztraminer then it shall be a very sad state of affairs.

You will be going here for a personalized spa treatment:




Also, you will receive a case of this glorious nectar:


If that doesn’t excite you (seriously?), then maybe a giant box of Daniela’s macarons, whoopie pies and chocolate brownies will set your heart aflutter?

And this gorgeous thing.  Imagine  all the fun you can have in the kitchen with it…

Of course, you will also receive a bucketload of NoMU products, which will keep you culinarily inspired for months.  No more bland, boring meals, friends.  NoMU to the rescue!

One lucky person has the opportunity of winning themselves a Primitiv vodka gift set, comprising a daddy-size bottle of voddies, and a baby-size six-pack for slipping into your picnic basket, handbag or man bag (you can still be tough and carry your stuff, guys) for those essential occasions where only Primitiv vodka will do.


To win this bonus prize, email a picture of yourself with your favourite NoMU product to The first entry I receive will be the winner, and I shall deliver (or courier if you’re out of town) your vodka to you personally.  This is normally something that the palace staff would handle, so consider yourself lucky!

So how about that, blogbirds?  Are you inclined to agree with me that this deserves your undivided attention & heartfelt input?





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