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I read here this morning about how Jamie Oliver has been denied access to schools in the Los Angeles area to film his ground-breaking Food Revolution series.  This completely infuriated me, and subsequently fueled this blog post.  Bear with me if you will?


The story goes that Monsieur Oliver apparently failed to provide Los Angeles “officials” with a proposal of his intentions.  A proposal? Where have you “official” guys been for the last 2 years since The Food Revolution began airing in your country?

Are you unaware of the good deeds this man is doing for your children?  His attempts to replace the fatty, salty, sugary stuff you label food with actual food that has nutritional benefits have clearly not swayed you sufficiently enough to allow the man access to your schools and your children.  One would assume you would welcome this man with open arms, not so?  Perhaps even assist him in attaining those all-important documents that give him the green light to save your children’s lives. Clearly not.

In addition, you have hindered Jamie in attempting to start a discussion within your communities about the better health of their children (as well as themselves) and assisting you with a problem that has created an obesity  rate in the state of California of 24.8% ranking it in the top 20 most obese states in the USA.

The World Health Organization recommended last month that government work together with local industry to limit and reduce the advertising of unhealthy foods.  While this may not be entirely related to Jamie or his cause, I believe that giving the Food Revolution project the go ahead would have indirectly & publicly snubbed the terrifyingly vast American fast food industry and the consumption thereof.  Jamie Oliver comes with some serious clout: no one can say people won’t sit up and notice when he gets stuck in to their children’s eating habits?

I am awarding these “officials” with the Mampara Award for Excellence In Absolutely Bloody Nothing.  Well done indeed!

Let’s hope that I can publish an update to this post in the near future about how you’ve  mended your short-sighted ways.

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