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I’m always on the lookout for really different kitchen equipment & utensils to make life a little easier when bashing about the pots and pans.

Here are a few fun things I’ve found:

A 6-part toaster that heats your toast in single compartments.  Each compartment lifts off the main arm, and keeps your toast warm in it’s own little compartment.  A pretty nifty gadget in my opinion, ideal for Britons who partake in mass amounts of toast & tea.

This is Nigella Lawson’s tagine from her Kitchen Kit range.  It’s made from brushed stoneware and has a very aesthetically pleasing look to it.  It’s pretty & rotund, just like Nigella.  We like!

This groovy contraption is, you guessed it, a citrus juicer.  It’s designed by the very swish chaps over at Alessi, and is found in all the cool kids’ kitchens.  I’m more into the electronic citrus juicers, as I’m a bit lazy that way, but I’d like this in my kitchen just to hold and look at. 


Take a look at these retro scales!  I’m not the world’s most avid patissier, but I’d definitely change my ways if I had one of these babies! Trés chic!

How lovely is this?  A salad bowl with a pair of sparrows sitting on the lip, their tails acting as salad servers.  Just gorgeous. 

So much of flowerpower going on here!  This is a potato masher, believe it or not.  Apart from the fabulous mashing bit, I love the wooden handle.  This is definitely lovely enough to be kept on-counter & daren’t ever see the inside of a draw or cupboard.

Set your eyes on this glass carafe with plastic drinking cups.  Throw away those horrid & garish psychadelic cups & don’t dream of buying bottled water – here is the solution.  Classic.  Functional.  The End.

Kitchen Aid designs a draw insert with utensils.  Need I say more?  100 points for awesomeness.

These babies come from Nigella’s Kitchen Kit again – they’ll hold salt & pepper & sit next to your stove so that you can season your food as you cook.  They are available in 3 colours & are stoneware.  They come with little wooden spoons, and are very handy indeed.  J’adore.

The Ergo Kitchen Gadget set designed by Sebastian Conran is just lovely.  Look at all that retro glamour!  Available in 4 pastel colours.

And saving the best for last… here we have a Darth Vader popcorn machine!  I wonder if they had one of these in the canteen on the Death Star?

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