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I decided to capitalize on the public holiday & went out to Stellenbosch to stock up my stash of wine.  Between all the gorgeous estates, we felt compelled to stop off & do a tasting at Kleine Zalze.  A lovely case of wine later, we exited only to find ourselves right in the middle of the Terrior action.  “Dessert?” he offered.  “Absolutely” came the reply.  You know life is good when you just eat pudding.  So we sat down at the only available table on the terrace – it seemed as if they’d saved it just for us – and ordered coffee & pud.  Let’s see what Chef is offering today shall we?


Can you decide?  I couldn’t.  I was kinda expecting them to have my favourite favourite: crème brûleé.  And they did.  Only it has been changed from the classic baked custard with the hard caramel topping we all know I adore so much.  It came with a passionfruit caramel jelly topping & was served with coconut sorbet.  Let’s see how that came out…


If I’m honest, I’m loathe to say a bad word about Terrior & their food because I am one of their biggest fans.  Truly.  But I couldn’t help myself today.  My dessert wasn’t great.  The texture of the custard seemed as if there was a bit of gelatine featuring somewhere in there in order for the pud to be unmoulded.  Not cool.  I’m not a fan of passionfruit except when you cut them open & suck the sloppy membrane out.  Sounds delightful, right?  So I pulled the jelly topping off & got stuck in.  The coconut sorbet sat on a bed of toasted fresh coconut bits, which I thought was a nice touch, and the sorbet had been sprinkled with black sesame seeds, which weren’t entirely befitting the theme of the dish, but added to the visual appeal.  If we lived in the land of “Give everything a score out of ten”, I’d give it a 4.  Sorry guys.  I feel wretched.  Even the waitress was surprised when I didn’t clear my plate.

Now, it’s not all bad.  That’s right – always leave the best for last, I say.  My guy ordered the chocolate fondant, and he was bang on the money.


A soft, gooey fondant that had a great balance of cocoa & chocolate – not too bitter & not too sweet.  There were different flavored ganache drops underneath each ice-cream scoop, which were scoffed before I even got close, but one was peanut, one was horlicks & the other was chocolate.  The ice cream for me was the piece de resistance because Chef had attempted (& struck culinary gold) hazelnut ice cream, which was perfect.  I liked that it still had a few grainy bits of nuts, which added another dimension to the texture.  The little ball of spun sugar on top of the fondant entertained My Lovely enormously, as he was taken back to his childhood to the days of eating candy floss.  “Candy floss is spun sugar, baby!?” Yes my darling.  Just sugar.  This from a doctor, who witnesses complex medical anomalies on a regular basis.  Shock, surprise & ecstasy over sugar.   Love it!  The tuile was cute, very crispy & paper-thin & there was a lovely tangy red berry coulis, just to add a bit of tartness.  Always essential for a tart to be present.  All in all, a brilliant dish.  Wonderfully executed.  Go team!!  Definitely a win for the Terrior okey pokes.  They may have lost me as a new-age brûleé convert, but they certainly haven’t lost me altogether.  See you soon darlings!  Mwah x

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