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So My Lovely is back – after 208 days of studying for major medical exams, Stressed Eric has left the building, and My Lovely has returned to me.  To celebrate his return to The Real World (and to thank me for being the most patient, kind, amazing, wonderous, considerate, loving… Hmm? What was I saying?),  we went for a lazy breakfast at The Roundhouse with The Pink Flamingo & Dr Hitchhiker From The Galaxy.

The Roundhouse is one of those typical Cape Town establishments: great view/venue but for the most part, questionable service.  We noticed this on our last visit, where they had the audacity to serve a cold cappuccino & an espresso that had long lost it’s crema.  But kudos to the gazelle of a manager who rushed us another round which was perfectly prepared & came with a genuine apology.  Nice.  Well done.  Transgression forgiven.  So yes, definitely not the best servers in the world, they also play on the fact that they have an incredible venue to boot & one which allows them to almost get away with charging what they do.

Our breakfast began with chocolate croissants & American sticky buns.  Boy do they make fabulous pastries!  Mouthfuls of heaven! More coffee, more heavily intellectual medical conversation, which ultimately caused my mind and my eyes to wander & notice something interesting.  The terraces were packed.  Breakfast was on like donkey kong.  The wait staff were running.  Running. Not a good sign.  When a waitron runs from service area to table, you know that the bobble has been pulled & things are starting to unravel.  Especially when there’s a bewildered expression included.  Luckily, we had a winner of a waitron, who was extraordinarily busy waiting on demanding Camps Bay residents with kids dressed from head to toe in Baby Gap & sporting mini Converse tekkies (yes, tekkies – I love that word.  Especially when you sing it like a Bergie).  He was fantastic, nothing was too much of an effort, which is just the way service should be initiated.

The Roundhouse serve, in all honesty, the best Eggs Benedict in Cape Town (sans Ellerman House – but that’s not accessible to the lay person, so doesn’t count).  Perfect Hollandaise, toasted English muffin, excellent quality ham and perfectly poached eggs.  The kind of eggs where the yolk sets every so delicately to the albumen & the interior of the yolk retains it’s silky-smooth pouring consistency.  Perfection!

So perfect in fact that we couldn’t find it in us to leave.  As we were about to order another round of drinks, our awesome waitron comes up with, “It’s time for the lunch menu” & promptly pops the next bill of fare in front of us.  Oh well, nothing else to do but order more food.  I was feeling plump, so opted for a kid’s meal – BondJamesBond would tease me, but I had a burger.  My Lovely & The Pink Flamingo opted for marrow bones with oxtail marmalade whilst Dr Hitchhiker From The Galaxy a Caesar salad.  Oh yes the wine!  A magnificent Iona Sauvignon Blanc from Elgin.  Never heard of the estate before, but a fairly fruity nose with freshly cut grass & green pepper on the palate.  Is 3 bottles between 4 people a tad excessive?  BondJamesBond accused me of being a lightweight in the arena of drink, so I can’t be sure.  Definitely wasn’t in a state to operate heavy machinery or play Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 in C major.

I’m a sucker for marrow bones, it’s such a kid sport & I adore the interactive, hands-on vibe they bring to eating.  We need to eat more with our hands.  In a non-mullet-man-from-cave kinda way, of course. Unfortunately I’d eaten my fill at breakfast, so when my kids burger rocked up looking not-so-kid-like, I was more than a little dejected.  Very large, thick patty with melted mature cheddar on top.  Great bun, but I simply couldn’t, so that got pushed to the side & I attempted to attack the patty, salad garnish & potato wedges.  Way too much whole coriander seeds, guys and a bit dry.  Not sure how the kiddies would approach that.  I’m guessing not so well, but perhaps the Camps Bay set have trained their little dahlings to appreciate those sorts of things.  Potato wedges very average, although that might be what the kids are after?  The marrow bones & oxtail marmalade was served with sour dough and a caper salad and was done to perfection.  Very generous portions, so My Lovely was well pleased.  Dr Hitchhiker From The Galaxy thoroughly enjoyed the Caesar salad.  Anchovy-type fillets were used instead of the real McCoy, but generally very nicely executed.

I must say, The Roundhouse has gone up a good few notches in my book since the last visit.  Hopefully the next visit will continue the upward trend & takes this place onto the list of Capetonian establishments with some serious clout.

Visit them in the Glen on Kloof Nek Road, Camps Bay or call 021 438 4347 to make a booking.

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