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Dizzy & I found ourselves ravenous in Greenpoint this afternoon & stopped in at MissK for a quick snack.

It was late in the arvie & obvious that the guys & dolls were closing up shop for the day, but we were welcomed in like children home from boarding school. “What did we feel like”, we were asked? Hmm… “So hungry I’ve already started chewing on her arm”, came my reply. So, with the fate of two deliriously starving girls in her hands, off our lovely K-angel went to find us food.

And find us food she did!! Not 5 minutes later we were presented with this plate of delightful treats, along with 2 glasses of the most heavenly watermelon juice.


We tucked in like piglets to the milk & only came up for air to grin stupidly at each other & nod. The chorizo was magnificent: room temperature, as it should be, not too tightly packed & had good healthy pockets of fat. And spicy!  The hummus was chunky & had a subtle sweet garlic undertone to it. The red & yellow peppers had been roasted, and married perfectly with the spicy, fatty sausage. The ultra-fresh rocket had been dressed in a lemon-olive oil dressing, so simple, yet a groovy touch that a lot of other establishments out there would not have bothered with. The bread. Ah, the bread. I will have dreams of that bread tonight.  Crispy, and unashamedly smothered in coarse salt. Dizzy was rocking back and forth with her eyes closed across the table from me and I had to give her a quick slap to pull her away from the light.  It was that dreamy.

We politely fought over who would smash the last piece of bread, pepper & spoon of hummus, but both of us were secretly dying to lick the plate clean. We paid our bill (R42 for the mezze platter & R25 for each glass of juice) and left the establishment blissfully content.

You too can experience the very same magic at Shop 1, Winston Place, 65 Main Road, Greenpoint or call them on 021 439 9539 or check them out here. Or visit them at the Old Biscuit Mill for the Neighbour Goods Market every Saturday morning.


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