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You know when you wake up with one of those monster barbies, that’s all-consuming & all you want to do is die? Everyone has their own tried & tested remedy for the ‘worst hangover in the world’ – this is mine.

Not seen in the photograph below is a very large glass of icy, bubbly CremeSoda – didn’t think the bright green would have complimented the composition so much, but it’s a large part of the solution. Taken with my iPhone as the camera was just out of reach, I attempted to style the food, but it was a poor effort – the food was smashed & hangover abated. For a while at least.


The gazpacho should be really, really cold. Like, stick it in the freezer when you start making your toastie. I prefer to stick to a simple cheese & tomato toastie, but you go ahead with whatever you feel like, sunshine. It’s all about you & your hangover today. I always keep interesting cheeses in my fridge like Asiago, Emmentaler or raclette. Raclette is the best, as it melts perfectly & goes particularly well with very thinly sliced ham. The bread should always be white – this does NOT work with rye or health breads, for the whole-wheat sandals brigade (Go sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here).

Butter the bread on the side that will touch your pan/sandwich press. Chuck on your fillings, don’t forget to season & start toasting, baby. If you’re using a pan, make sure the heat is low, so that the cheese melts without burning the bread. And don’t go lie down on the couch for a bit – I totally did that, and you can see from the photo how well that worked out for me… Once you’ve got some nice colour & the cheese has started to melt, flip them over & do the other side. When they’re done, slice them up & get your gazpacho out the freezer.

You could make the gazpacho yourself, but this requires forward-planning, and I can guarantee you won’t be bringing out the fresh ingredients to whip up a quick Gaza feeling like you do. I love making gazpacho, it’s one of my favourite dishes (although bizarre because I loathe soup) but on a day like today we give thanks that there are people like Melissa van Hoogstraten & her food shop just downstairs.

Bon, you now have super-chilled gazpachacho (not a typo) & a killer toastie that’s melting by the second. Dip your hot toasties into the cold soup & respite will hit instantly!

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